Let me present you Bertholdt’s ‘goddamit reiner’ faces


despair :(




Smile, Bertl!


                     those who fight monsters

                     should make damn sure

                     not to become one.

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So... Is anything else about you colossal? ;))

"My patience. Evidently." 

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SNK! (love your art btw) <3!


thank you! <3

it was a tossup between eruri and these giant schnozz nerds



she isn’t punk

Three Words || Anxiousforhome


 It kept Mikasa up at night when she lay beside him, the steady beat of his heart next to her ear serving as a reminder. When she saw him each day, she couldn’t help the blush that covered the bridge of her nose or the simple desire to be closer to him, to grow with him. She loved each moment they spent together, she loved the sound of his voice that comforted her no matter the circumstances, the way his touch was so gentle, and she loved the way his warm eyes were always so inviting. She loved Bertholdt, and it was tearing her up inside.

 It was later in the evening, after a full day of sparring and chores, when she saw him across the field. She had just finished clearing the paths that were threatened to be overrun by thorns and the like, her arms smattered with small cuts from the job. They stung, but it was nothing she wasn’t used to. Taking a deep breath, Mikasa picked up her pace in order to put away the tools quickly, wanting to catch him before he left.

 She wanted to tell him, how every time she saw him her heart would swell with the desire to protect and be close to him. Mikasa hadn’t understood it at first, why she felt this way and was worried she might be sick. After a quick talk with some of the other girls in the dorm, and much giggling on their end, the conclusion that she was in love had been reached. Of course it was a different love from the one she held for Eren and Armin, but love nonetheless. 

 ”…Bertholdt?” Mikasa started, walking over to him while brushing some of the hair away from her face. She would have other days to tell him of course, but their job was dangerous, and she wanted him to know now in case… In case anything happened to either of them. The thought itself, of losing him like that, caused a painful lump in her chest. Clearing her throat, her hand found his and she laced their fingers together, so used to the action by now it felt natural. “Do you have some time.. For me?” She asked, looking up to him while her thumb ran across the knuckles in his hand.

A smile of recognition flickered across Bertholdt’s face when she called his name and he saw her walking toward him. He had had little time for Mikasa lately with his training picking up speed and the worry for Reiner who seemed to grow apart from him at times. It was a frightening notion and even Annie seemed to have no solution to offer. The more his friend seemed to disappear in the crowd the more Bertholdt needed him, needed someone. He had been deep in thought about that when she interrupted his overthinking. He was thankful for that alone.

Without hesitation he intertwined their fingers and held her hand gently in his. A comfortable shiver ran down his spine when he felt thumb caressing his skin. “I always have time for you.” He assured her quietly, observing her somewhat fidgety behavior. Something seemed to trouble her and the idea of that brought a small frown to his forehead. 


ache ; a mix for two people that never should have fallen in love.

i. ghouls, we are scientists ( this happens all the time; it’s kind of our routine ) ii. waiting game, banks ( and if i’m feeling like i’m evil we’ve got nothing to gain ) iii. telegraph avenue, childish gambino ( but you still don’t have the time to kiss me / just hit me ) iv. little bit, lykke li ( and for you i keep my legs apart / and forget about my tainted heart ) v. walls, stars ( tell me how i sleep / tell me how i wake up / tell me how i dream ) vi. sometime around midnight, the airborne toxic event ( you just have to see her / and know that she’ll break you in two ) vii. another love, tom odell ( i wanna kiss you, make you feel alright / i’m just so tired to share my nights ) viii. the suburbs, mr little jeans ( your part of town against mine i saw you standing on the opposite shore / but by the time the first bombs fell we were already bored ) ix. btsk, ms mr ( a million one reasons to end before you start ) x. tomorrow, daughter ( don’t bring tomorrow / ’cause I already know / i'll lose you )